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A.I.  PERMIT#: 23

Foaled in 2004 and imported to the US in 2005, Littletree Highwayman was, to our knowledge, the first of both his sire and dam's line to be imported to the USA.  Bred by the successful Littletree Fell Pony Stud in Cumbria, England, he was the first "Littletree" Fell Pony stallion to gain his Fell Pony Society stallion license and reside in the USA.  He has good legs with over 8" of strong, flat bone and moves well. Littletree Highwayman is out of the highly regarded mare, Lunesdale Gypsy Rose, who has had a very successful show career. 
2008 - SANA Rare Breeds Show                                       Supreme Champion Fell Pony, Ridden Section
          (Stewardship Awards of North America)                Reserve Champion, Overall Ridden Pony, All Breeds
          Judged by: Christine Robinson                                1st Ridden Fell Pony Stallions and Geldings, 
          Vice-Chairman, Fell Pony Society                                                                                    4 years and over
Littletree Highwayman has the great grey Fell Pony stallion Lunesdale Mountain Mist as his paternal grandsire, whose  showing credits include taking the Reserve Champion at the Royal Show, Great Britain in 1991.  He also took the Reserve Champion at the Fell Pony Society Stallion and  Colt show in 1992, was a  class winner at  the 2002 Fell Pony Society Stallion and Colt show and the 2004 Stallion Champion and Champion of the Year at the Austrian Pony Show.  Lunesdale Mountain Mist now resides in the Checz Republic.  Littletree Highwayman is among the very few licensed grey Fell Pony Stallions presently in the US.  Grey Fell Ponies are born dark (their base color)  and slowly  become grey over several years as they mature. .

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Littletree Highwayman at the SANA Event
Kentucky Horse Park, 2008
Ridden by Ann-Marie Lavallee, The Traveling Trainer.                   

Littletree Highwayman running with Littletree Tia Maria in 2014
Littletree Highwayman 2007
Litttletree Highwayman 2017